Italian production of Spruce, Pine, 3-ply Spruce panels and DIY panels and experience in large-scale retail trade

In existence for more than 50 years while maintaining product quality, value for money and always respecting the environment. We have decades of experience with large-scale retail companies (GDO).




Decades of experience in large-scale retailing


Best quality/price ratio


The services we can offer you

We offer in-house picking services to our customers, allowing us to supply different sizes of wood panels directly to retail stores, without having to use other external logistics. In addition, we can also provide in-house warehousing and picking services, all on our own.




Tailored services



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    Administrative Headquarters

    Via G. Marconi, 2625/15 Località Madonna dei Cuori 45020 Canda (RO) - Italia



    +39 0425 702374

    Our Picking Service



    We package our wood panels following the guidelines given to us by our customers for complete customization.


    Customized products

    We section wood in various sizes and thicknesses.


    Shipping to retailers

    We ship the customized wooden panels to the different retail stores.

    Our additional service for the large-scale retail trade


    We will take care of keeping your wood safe through our warehouses without relying on outsiders. We will also take care of the shipping part related to your wood panels, you won’t have to worry about anything!

    Customized panels for customized products

    Our company offers custom panel service for making any kind of product from fir and pine wood. Would you like to make some inquiries for us? Write to us below in the contact form.

    The biggest companies are with us

    Being direct suppliers to the largest large retail companies in Italy and throughout Europe is a great achievement for our company, and demonstrates our ability to provide high-quality products and reliable services. To achieve this goal, we have always worked with great professionalism, taking care of every detail of our products and
    offering impeccable service to our customers. The long and solid decades-long relationship we have established with each of these companies testifies to the trust they place in us, the quality of our products and our constant attention to their needs and demands.
    We are proud to be recognized as a trusted partner for these great companies, and we constantly strive to maintain and strengthen this partnership.

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